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Tambola Board Game Set Big Size with 48 Reusable Tickets


Features –

  • The complete family entertainment board game.
  • An all-time favorite party entertainer in the family.
  • This board game comes with more convenience and longer-lasting cards.
  • It enables you to play the game again by using the same cards.
  • Nontoxic for kids. It is durable and lightweight.
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Product Description

Toysfactory presents Tambola Board Game Set Big Size with 48 Reusable Tickets. Distribute the cards to the desired number of players. After shaking the tiles, vigorously pick one number and call out the same. Players having the same numbers on their cards should fold the called out number and continue doing the same till all tiles are over and here the game ends. The player who folds all the called-out numbers on his ticket first will be the winner. There can be multiple winners too. To bring more excitement into the game, players can also start the play as the first 4 corners, 1st Line, 2nd Line, 3rd Line & full “house” respectively, or as decided earlier.

Package Contents: 90 numbers tiles, 1 tile fixable playing game board, 48 different reusable cards.



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