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Home 3-4 Years Hamburger Musical Phone Toy for Kids

Hamburger Musical Phone Toy for Kids


Features –

  • It comes with three different modes: Number mode, Learning mode, and Song mode to attract your kid.
  • If your kid is crying, you can push the song button at the center bottom to play some children’s music to comfort the crying baby.
  • It is made of high-quality ABS materials, non-toxic and safe for your child.
  • It helps in learning numbers ability and improving coordination skills.
  • Its unique design gives real-life telephone experience to your child.

Toysfactory presents Hamburger Musical Phone Toy for Kids. Hamburger Musical Phone is one of the most exciting telephone toys for your kid to get real-life hands-on experience with the telephone. This toy is made of good quality plastic and its unique heart-shaped design will definitely attract your child's attention. The toy comes with three different modes including Number mode, Song mode, and Learning mode which can be changed by pressing the bottom left or right button. Also, you can use it to divert your child's attention when your child is crying. This toy helps in learning numbers as well as helps in improving coordination skills and improves the mental level of your child. This toy is one of the best gifting telephone toys for your kids on their Birthday or Festivals.



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