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Doraemon Money Saving Piggy Bank with Finger Print Sensor for Kids


Features –

  • Doraemon saving money box bank comes with a fingerprint sensor.
  • This electronic money save box is able to hold 600 coins or 100 pieces of paper money.
  • It is made of high quality ABS materials, non-toxic and safe for your child.
  • This money box bank develops money save awareness.
  • Its exquisite design and cute appearance make it perfect for children. They will love to watch their savings money grow.
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Product Description

Toysfactory presents Doraemon Money Saving Piggy Bank with Finger Print Sensor for Kids. It has much more fun than his piggy bank. It imitates the real teller machine which can detect the cash and intake them in, that’s really interesting for a kid. The bank itself is very good quality and good look, stylish, it’s not only a toy also a money saver. It also helps your child to get familiar with the banking operation and get him/her to love saving money. It functions automatically sucks paper money with the coin input function. The automatic coin reel function does not work when the safe door is open. Open the safe and dial the language switch to switch between Chinese, English, or no voice.

Here are the steps to open the safe:

1. Press the unlock button to enter the 4-digit password(default 0000).

2. After the password is entered correctly, press the fingerprint button according to the language prompt, and the indicator light will be on.

3. Turn the switch knob counterclockwise and pull the door open.

4. Quickly remove the coins after opening the door otherwise, you will hear the drip alarm.



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